Five things Bangor can do by 2020

1) Bridge the gap between Bangor and Orono: Having a late night bus, especially on weekends, to go from Orono to Bangor would help students get to know Bangor more and experience the nightlife there. Ben Sprague also thought it would be beneficial for Bangor to have a college feel to it.

2) Google Fiber: Some cities in the U.S. have already started using Google fiber, which could make Bangor’s internet one of the fastest in the world. Having a really fast connection could help bring more people to Bangor.

3) Community Art: Many Maine communities already do community art together. From painting benches to lobster statues. If Bangor can find something to paint and use, it could bring the community together as well as be placed around the City for people to see.

4) Utilize the Cross Insurance Center: The Cross Insurance Center is already being used for UMaine basketball and high school tournaments, among other things. But if the CIC can be used for more, it could help improve Bangor. The Cross Insurance Center could host a variety of different shows, like more flower and boat shows, and other events that are good for the community.

5) Revamp the Parks in Bangor: There are many public parks in Bangor that each have their own unique offering to the public. After rating these parks and finding their strengths and weaknesses, it would be beneficial to improve those that need improving. Other parks that may not be so pleasing could be cleaned up and redone to make it better. Lastly, looking at the safety of the parks. Are there ways to make them safer that would help more citizens enjoy just one of the many things Bangor has to offer?